Multi component analyzing system Sick MCS300P (MCS300P)

Multi component analyzing system Sick MCS300P (MCS300P)
Производитель: Sick
Артикул: MCS300P
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Liquid Analyzers
Multi component analyzing system
Model NameMCS300P

The MCS300P is an extractive process photometer for measurement of gaseous or liquid media. It measures IR and VIS active components with variable measuring ranges from very low (ppm) to high (vol%) concentrations. For monitoring of toxic or flammable mixtures, it has special process cuvettes with safety devices like twinseals and flushing gas feeds. The heatable cuvettes made of corrosion-resistant materials have a high pressure resistance. Automatic adjustment, innovative operation concept and modern communication protocols make the MCS300P an all-purpose photometer, also for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Самое главное

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components
  • Process cuvettes up to 60 bar and 200 °C
  • Automatic sample point switching
  • Integrated adjustment unit
  • Safety devices for measurement of toxic or flammable mixtures
  • Extended operation via PC and software SOPAS ET
  • Flexible I/O module system


  • Automatic adjustment without expensive test gases
  • Integration in existing networks
  • Integration of external parameters like temperature or pressure
  • Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres

    Fields of application

  • Process monitoring in production of vinylchloride or isocyanate
  • Process control in chemical industry
  • Monitoring of processes in the production of plastics
  • Raw gas monitoring in waste incineration
  • Monitoring of flue gas purification plants
  • Determination of the water content of liquid chemicals

    Technical data
    Measuring principle:Gas filter correlation, Interference filter correlation
    Remark:Measuring ranges depend on application and combination of measuring components, More than 60 measuring components available
    Process temperature:50 ... 200 °C
    Process pressure:0.8 ... 60 bar
    Ambient temperature:5 ... 40 °C
    temperature change max. ±10 °C/h
    Ex-approvals ATEX:II 2G Ex px IIC T3 Gb, II 2G Ex px IIC T4 Gb, II 3G Ex pz IIC T3 Gc, II 3G Ex pz IIC T4 Gc, Process cuvette: II 2G Ex e IIC Gb
    Electrical safety:CE
    Enclosure rating:Housing: IP 65, Cuvette: IP 20
    Analogue outputs:2 outputs:
    0/4 ... 22 mA, 500 Ω-
    electrically isolated- max. number of outputs depends on application
    Analogue inputs:2 inputs:
    0/4 ... 22 mA, 100 Ω-
    electrically isolated- max. number of inputs depends on application
    Digital outputs:5 outputs
    2 power relays, electrically isolated- 3 outputs, floating- max. number of outputs depends on application
    Digital inputs:4 inputs
    open contacts, floating- max. number of inputs depends on application
    Interfaces:Ethernet (in the Ex-type only when device is open for service purposes)
    Bus protocol:Modbus TCP (not in the Ex-version), OPC (not in the Ex-version)
    Operation:Via operating unit in the analyzer, Via software SOPAS ET (not in the Ex-type), Two operating levels, one password-protected
    System components:Analyzer, Sampling probe, Sample gas line, Sample point switching, Sample conditioning
    Correction functions:Internal adjustment unit (option)
    Test functions:Automatic control cycle for zero and span point
    Note:The scope of delivery depends on application and customer specifications.

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