Ленточная библиотека 1014769 Exabyte Magnum 448 (LTO) Tape Library

Производитель: Exabyte
Артикул: 1014769
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Ленточная библиотека 1014769 Exabyte Magnum 448 (LTO) Tape Library

The Exabyte Magnum 448 (LTO) Tape Library is redefining the term tape library by offering the most scalable, affordable and user-friendly tape library SMB and departmental users can buy. It easily scales 'on demand' from a 1x48 to a 4x48 tape library, with a choice of up to four half-high LTO-2 drives or up to two full-high LTO-3 drives. It offers up to 38.4 TB of compressed data storage – all in a space-saving 4U form factor starting at under $9,300 MSRP.

It offers the reliability of Exabyte's patented robotics, known as ExaBotics™, and a rich list of standard features. The 448 offers unparalleled 'pay-as-you-go' scalability – Capacity on Demand – allowing SMB and departmental users the flexibility to easily adjust storage capacity as desired with low-priced, user-installable magazines and drives.

  • Available with up to 4 LTO-2 drives or 2 LTO-3 drives!
  • 48 media slots with I/E ports offers up to 38.4 TB storage with LTO-3
  • Up to 1.1 TB/hr speed with LTO-3
  • Standard 1x48 LTO-2 or LTO-3 library
  • Upgrades to a 4 drive LTO-2 library with the addition of LTO-2 Add-on drives
  • Upgrade your LTO-2 library to LTO-3 SCSI or Native Fibre Channel in the field while still in the rack
  • Bar code reader, rack kit and remote management standard
  • Slim, 4U rack size
  • 1 Year On-Site Service and 1 year warranty is standard
  • Starts under $8,200 (est. US street) with LTO-2, and under $10,200 (est. US street) with LTO-3
  • Includes renown ExaBotics - the best engineering and quality in automation

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