IT3xxx / IT3800g / general purpose / Standard Range Sick IT3800g 15E (6033410)

IT3xxx / IT3800g / general purpose / Standard Range Sick IT3800g 15E (6033410)
Производитель: Sick
Артикул: 6033410
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Hand-held scanners
IT3xxx / IT3800g / general purpose / Standard Range
Model NameIT3800g 15E
Part No.6033410

Самое главное

  • Fast and reliable decoding even on poorly printed or partly damaged codes
  • Scan rate up to 270 scans/second
  • Reading distance up to 660 mm
  • Highly visible scan line
  • IP 41 enclosure rating


  • Reliable identification reduces the need to manually input data
  • High scanning speeds and aggressive reading performance increase productivity
  • Highly dependable thanks to rugged housing and non-moving parts
  • Its ergonomic design makes handling convenient and comfortable
  • A range of versions provide flexibility for use in varied applications

    Note: The product has been phased out. A replacement product can be found under "Replacement Products"

    Field of application:General purpose
    Version:Standard Range
    Scanner design:Linear hand-held image scanner
    Light source:Visible red light (630 nm)
    Scanning frequency:270 Hz
    Code resolution:≥-0.076 mm
    Reading distance (at code resolution):10 mm ... 660 mm (0.5 mm)
    Reading field (at distance):200 mm (300 mm )

    Supported code type:1D
    Bar code types:2005 Sunrise/GTIN compliant, China Postal Code, Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 3 of 9 including PARAF, Code 93, EAN/JAN, GS1 DataBar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Straight 2 of 5 Industrial, UPC

    Function (Serial):RS-232 TTL
    Remark (Ethernet):Optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    CAN bus:Yes
    Remark (CAN bus):Optional via external connection module (CAN232)
    Remark (PROFIBUS):Optional via external connection module (CDF)
    Remark (DeviceNet):Optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    Function (PS/2):Keyboard wedge
    Function (USB):Keyboard wedge, COM-Port emulation
    Optical indicators:1 LED (good read)
    Acoustic indicators:Beeper, disengageable (to confirm reading)

    Operating voltage:5 V DC ... 12 V DC
    Enclosure rating:IP 41
    Weight:160 g, without cable
    Dimensions:110 mm x 150 mm x 80 mm

    Ambient data
    Shock resistance:50 drops From 1.5 m height on concrete
    Ambient operating temperature:0 °C ... 50 °C
    Storage temperature:-40 °C ... 60 °C
    Permissible relative humidity:95 %, non-condensing
    Ambient light safety:70,000 lx, on bar code
    Bar code print contrast (PCS):≥- 20 %

    General notes
    Note:An interface cable and if necessary a power supply unit are additionally required for operation.
    Life cycle phase:Phased out

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