ICR85x-2 / ICR850-2B / Standard Range Sick ICR850-2B0020 (1042280)

ICR85x-2 / ICR850-2B / Standard Range Sick ICR850-2B0020 (1042280)
Производитель: Sick
Артикул: 1042280
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Image-based code readers
ICR85x-2 / ICR850-2B / Standard Range
Model NameICR850-2B0020
Part No.1042280

Самое главное

  • Identification of 0.2 mm resolution codes on a wide reading field height of 80 mm
  • Omni-directional identification of up to 50 codes, e.g., circuit board with multiple codes
  • Easy trigger handling, codes are identified on-the-fly
  • Large reading field
  • High-speed reader
  • High resolution


  • Large field of view captures codes in different positions without having to adjust the mounting of the reader
  • High-speed, reliable decoding of low contrast, direct part marked codes, even on moving objects
  • Reads codes in real-time without stopping the conveyor, increasing throughput
  • Industrial IP 65 / IP 67 housing for rough environmental conditions
  • Easy configuration via graphical user interface, saves time
  • Omni-directional identification of 1D and 2D codes makes it possible to identify objects that are not aligned
  • A wide variety of resolutions and reading distances provide a solution for any application

    Version:Standard Range
    Reading field:Front
    Focus:Fixed focus
    Focal position:110 mm
    Sensor:CCD line camera
    Sensor resolution:2,048 px
    Code resolution:≥-0.2 mm 1)
    Reading distance (at code resolution):99 mm ... 121 mm (0.5 mm) 2)
    Reading field (at distance):80 mm (110 mm )
    Scanning frequency:13 Hz ... 15 kHz
    Light source:Laser diode (visible red light, 650 nm)
    Laser class:2 (EN 60825-1)
    MTBF:20,000 h
    1) 2) Valid for Data Matrix, PDF417 and 1D codes with good printing quality  

    Bar code types:Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 128, Code 39, EAN, EAN 128, Pharmacode, UPC
    2D code types:Data Matrix ECC200, GS1 DataMatrix, PDF417, QR code
    No. of codes per scan:1 ... 50
    No. of codes per reading interval:1 ... 50
    No. of characters per reading interval:4,000

    Serial (RS-232):Yes
    Function (Serial (RS-232)):Host, AUX
    Data transmission rate (Serial (RS-232)):300 Baud ... 57,600 Baud , AUX: 9,600 Baud
    Function (Ethernet):Host, AUX, Image transmission
    Data transmission rate (Ethernet):10/100 Mbit
    Protocol (Ethernet):TCP/IP, FTP (image transmission)
    CAN bus:Yes
    Function (CAN bus):SICK CAN sensor network (Master/Slave, Multiplexer)
    Data transmission rate (CAN bus):10 kbit/s ... 1 Mbit/s
    Protocol (CAN bus):CANopen®, CSN (SICK CAN Sensor Network)
    Remark (PROFIBUS):Optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    Remark (DeviceNet):Optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    Acoustic indicators:Beeper/buzzer (can be switched off, can be assigned functions to signal the result status 0.25 ... 2 mm)
    Optical indicators:4 LEDs (status displays)
    Switching inputs:2 (“Sensor 1”, “Sensor 2”)
    Switching outputs:2 (“Result 1”, “Result 2”)
    Reading pulse:Non-powered, Switching inputs, Serial interface

    Operating voltage:10 V DC ... 30 V DC
    Power consumption:11 W
    Electrical connection:1 RJ45 socket on device, cables with 15-pin D-sub HD plug (0.9 m, ± 5 %)
    Housing:Die-cast zinc
    Housing color:Light blue (RAL 5012)
    Weight:900 g, with connecting cable
    Dimensions:114.6 mm x 80 mm x 39 mm
    Enclosure rating:IP 30, IP 65 (EN 60529) 1) 2)
    Protection class:III (EN 61140)
    1) For installed adapter frame and IP 65 Ethernet cable or for installed adapter frame and IP 65 cover  2) Without covered Ethernet connection or with standard Ethernet cable.  

    Ambient data
    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
    Vibration resistance:EN 60068-2-6
    Shock resistance:EN 60068-2-27
    Ambient operating temperature:0 °C ... 40 °C
    Storage temperature:-20 °C ... 70 °C
    Permissible relative humidity:± 90 %, non-condensing
    Ambient light safety:2,000 lx, on bar code

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